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TASSELS: (n) a finishing feature in fabric, jewelry and clothing decoration. It is a universal ornament that is seen in varying versions in many cultures around the globe.

Making tassels is a very meditative process for me. The practice of winding cord, thread, or wire a specific number of times around my hands and visualizing the love and positivity I am sending to the new owner of this adornment brings me joy. The act of counting and winding connects me to you without in most cases ever having met you. Little Jay creates malas with all kinds of tassels, from classic cotton to more modern wire lace or chain. I used to think that I had to stay within the boundaries of more traditional looking tassels for my malas; but people come in all shapes and sizes with different tastes and styles and there is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing what resonates with you. I have a very conventional simple tassel mala that I use for meditation and then a wire lace with tiny crystals tassel mala that makes me feel great when I wear it - I love them all!

The tassel on your mala represents enlightenment. Each time you do your japa and repeat your mantra 108 times as you go from bead to bead, you make it back to your tassel a little more enlightened then you were before you started. In ancient Buddhist culture, the strings of the tassel symbolize the roots of the lotus growing down into the mud grounding you and giving you stability to rise up towards the sun. 

May you live like the lotus... at ease in muddy water.

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