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My name is Shelby Caffrey and I have been an artist my entire life - from performing arts to fine arts I have made my life's work using my creations as an expression of myself. I am a Baptiste Certified yoga instructor and I teach an incredible community of yogis at 5 Boro Power Yoga in Staten Island, New York. I fell in love with malas while participating in a 40 day program there. As the required meditation sessions grew longer and longer, I knew I needed something to help keep me focused and centered. Making malas not only assists me in manifesting all the hopes and dreams I have for myself, but by using different precious and semi-precious stones, I found I could incorporate their healing properties adding an extra layer of love and intention. I attribute my love of yoga, meditation, and being part of community that allows me to be my best self, to giving me the creative inspiration that goes into all my malas and sacred jewelry.

Little Jay Malas got its name from my two daughters, Jamie and Juliet - my little j's. I call them my jays because the biggest wish I have for them as they grow is that they find their wings and learn to fly and stand on their own two feet. I also love the symbolism of the jay, like the dove, carrying the mala in its beak as a sign of peace. 

I believe in kindness, I believe in connection, and I believe that my glass is half full. I commit wholeheartedly to my strong spiritual practice which keeps me grounded and keeps me making bold choices. But I have recently learned that no matter how strong this practice is, hard times still come and difficulties are inevitable. Yet here is what my practice does: it helps me handle the tough stuff when it creeps in. It helps me move through my problems with grace and ease instead of getting lost in fear and judgement. Every sun salutation on my mat and every mantra on my mala connects me with my breath and reminds me that all is well.

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