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Druzy: (n) a colorful mineral covered in tiny crystals that produce a glittering effect.

If you are anything like me here at Little Jay, you have a love of all things sparkly. If it’s colorful, glittery, and shiny - I HAVE TO HAVE IT! Druzy’s are nature’s answer to glitter… they are 100% natural and vary in size, shape, and color. The overall appearance of a druzy resembles finely grained sugar. When these tiny crystals catch and reflect the light their beauty is unrivaled. A druzy is formed when the ground water that carries dissolved minerals is forced into a porous area of rock - rapid cooling occurs and it causes the formation of minute crystals. The color of the druzy gemstone is determined by which mineral is left behind after evaporation and can range from pink, yellow, green, blue, white, black, and purple.

A druzy gemstone also offers a great variety of healing properties. A druzy is like a magnet for positive energy - feeling depressed or low? Put on your druzy mala and keep negative feelings under control. A druzy will amplify your body’s natural ability to heal and open you up emotionally and creatively. Keeping a druzy close to you is a great way to reduce stress and bring a feeling of calm and peace.

My favorite part of designing jewelry with druzys is electroforming. This is a long process… I wait impatiently for my shipment of druzys to arrive from all over the world and then I sort through them and decide which will be kept in their natural shape and which I will cut into hearts, butterflies, ovals, angel wings, etc. Then I begin the steps to “electroform” the druzy, or coat the edges in metal and attach a loop for hanging. Depending on the desired outcome I can coat the druzy in silver, nickel, copper, or gold.

Your druzy is very easy to take care of but it does need to be treated delicately. Harsh chemicals, cleaners, and even soap should be kept away from your crystals. Simply wipe it clean with a dry cloth and give it lots of love! And for all you yogis, try to resist the urge to practice while wearing your mala. Sweat and heat will break down the cord it is knotted on as well as possibly pit and reduce the luster of your druzy.

Never be afraid to sparkle!

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